Thursday, 1 March 2012

I Admit

I Admit, I was a fool,
did a mischief at school,
but i liked to run,
when they chased me in the sun

I Admit, I was a laggard,
hence they called me a coward,
but that was my natural pace,
and slow & steady wins the race

I Admit, I was rude,
most of the time they felt screwed,
but that's how I say, I'm hurt,
and my feelings never flirt

I Admit, I lacked desire,
and you thought I had no fire,
but, satisfied I was, with what I had,
like the world, I was not mad

I Admit, I was expectant,
they said I'm over confident,
but that was my own vision,
coz my attempt had my 100 percent

All these may sound lame excuses,
which the world readily refuses
but now I say, "I have CHANGED!",
I guess, that doesn't sound strange...


  1. All the best for the changed new life... :)

  2. Nice Piece of work...

  3. Beautiful!! First time here. Got here from Tilling the Earthwoman's blog.