Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Theory of Relativity - A Weird Application

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Way back in 1905, Sir Albert Einstein created history by giving the Theory of Relativity.
In short, it says - Nothing is absolute, everything is relative.

Well, I applied it in a different way. I applied it on human thinking.

A few days back, one of my friends was sharing a problem with me. He was having some personal problem with someone. He was repeatedly saying that that person is bad and has hurt him.

Well, I was listening to him and was trying to make him feel better.

Yeah, I know there is nothing special about it. Everyone does the same thing.
Now, please read on... :P

Afterwards, I switched on my thought engine and started thinking.
I was thinking that when we say something about the other person, we take ourselves as the reference parameter.

Let me make it a bit simple...

When we talk about other people, we compare them with ourselves and then we come out with our opinion. When we say that that person is bad, then we say so because we feel that we are better than that person.
And when we say that that person is good then we feel that that person is better than us.

Consider a situation - If somebody does something and you are asked to decide whether its right or wrong. Keep in mind that you do not know any law. You just have to decide on your own.

Now, go a bit deeper in thoughts and find out how you will decide about the thing being right or wrong...
Will you not consider yourself as the actor, victim and observer?

Do you agree?

If someone does something then we decide it being right or wrong on the basis of the law.
But, I feel the laws were also made keeping this 'relative' thing in mind. Law makers must have thought the consequences of all the things keeping themselves as the reference parameters. If they found something hurting (them) then it was put in the list of crimes and so on...

Now, let me tell you how does all this relate to the theory of relativity...

As I mentioned above, the theory says - Nothing is absolute, everything is relative.
Now, I just want to say that no person is absolutely right or wrong, good or bad. But his being right or wrong (good or bad) is relative to our feeling about us. If we feel we are good (in some situation) then the other person is either better or bad (in that situation).

Well, I know this application of the great theory of relativity is a bit weird. But, just think about it.
I believe you will agree with my thinking. :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

I Admit

I Admit, I was a fool,
did a mischief at school,
but i liked to run,
when they chased me in the sun

I Admit, I was a laggard,
hence they called me a coward,
but that was my natural pace,
and slow & steady wins the race

I Admit, I was rude,
most of the time they felt screwed,
but that's how I say, I'm hurt,
and my feelings never flirt

I Admit, I lacked desire,
and you thought I had no fire,
but, satisfied I was, with what I had,
like the world, I was not mad

I Admit, I was expectant,
they said I'm over confident,
but that was my own vision,
coz my attempt had my 100 percent

All these may sound lame excuses,
which the world readily refuses
but now I say, "I have CHANGED!",
I guess, that doesn't sound strange...